Mekong Delta Blues - Master Kong Nay & Ouch Savy

Recorded in Philipthearan Temple Batambang and Studio CLA Phnom Penh Cambodia, September 2006 to July 2007.

Sarikakeo - Ieng Sithul & Ouch Savy

Love songs and other favorites with Cambodia's best loved traditional singer Ieng Sithul and rising star, Ouch Savy. 

Asian Flow - Ingolv Haaland Feat. Ouch Savy

A fusion of jazz, world and pop music with a unique combination of a string orchestra, Khmer vocals, Khmer traditional violin and excellent band musicians: This is "Asian Flow." Ouch Savy is highly skilled in Khmer traditional music and a great vocalist by any standards. She has written the Khmer lyrics on the album and interprets the tunes in a beautiful and heartfelt way.

The album is composed, arranged, and produced by Ingolv Haaland, mixed by Jon Marius Aareskjold (Rihanna/Beyonce/Stargate), and mastered by the legend Björn Engelmann (ABBA/Cher). 

Ferd - Music Without Borders

With 52 musicians from 18 different countries and a basis in the traditional music of Setesdal, Norway, Ferd has evolved into something unique. With Music Without Borders, the listener is presented with a window into a three-year artistic research project that has resulted in an incomparable record. Project leader and producer Bjorn Ole Rasch has alongside some of Norway's premier interpreters and heritage keepers of the region of Setesdal, engaged in a musical dialogue with musical tradition through heartfelt musical encounters of musicians from vastly different backgrounds. 18 different countries are represented: Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Armenia, Romania, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, India, Indonesia, Cambodia. Thailand, Nepal, Iran, China, Mongolia and Tibet. The initiators of the project, Kirsten Braten Berg, Sigurd Brokke, Gunnar Stubseid and Hallvard T. Bjorgum wanted to find out how different instruments from different parts of the world would affect the original material, and what tonal and rhythmical challenges and opportunities this encounter would produce in the search of a new soundscape.

Journey - Ingolv Haaland

Ingolv Haaland is a Norwegian musician, pianist and composer of electronic music. When asked about his experience working on the album, he had this to say: "Embraceable from Journey is special because it was the first time Savy and I met in the Cambodian Living Arts studio back in 2009. Originally she wrote the lyrics to an Indian tune I had emailed, but when we started rehearsing that didn´t work out. I had this melody I had just made but wasn´t sure it could work. I asked her anyway if we could try it. Savy adapted the lyrics, I improvised a new part and we recorded it in one take. It was all done in under an hour. I could not believe it. It was musical chemistry from first note. " 

Khmer Jazz Fusion - Cambodian Living Arts

Recorded in 2004 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Khmer Jazz Fusion represents a collaboration between four young Jazz musicians from San Francisco and the five leading Cambodian Masters of traditional Khmer music.